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Love politics? Then join the discussion here at Taiwaneasia, but please remember to keep it civil. It's only politics, but the people you're talking to are real. There will be plenty of latitude for lively discussion, but the Rules still apply, especially with regards to Personal Attacks. These and other inappropriate posts will be removed without notification.
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  • Taiwan Politics
    Politics in Taiwan is lively and often a good spectator sport. Please make sure that the schoolboy shenanigans stay in the Legislative Assembly and not in the forums here at Taiwaneasia, ok? The moderators thank you in advance for your cooperation!
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    Mon Apr 14, 2014 00:02
  • American (Domestic) Politics
    For domestic American politics only. For political issues with direct international implications, please post in the International Politics forum.
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    Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:34
  • International Politics & General Political Discussion
    International politics should be discussed here, as well as domestic issues for countries other than Taiwan and the United States. For Taiwanease and American political discussion, please post in the forums reserved for that purpose, thank you!
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    Wed Apr 16, 2014 08:42
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